Understand the root cause of failure and get actionable steps to prevent it.

I assume it is unnecessary to point out that nowadays external forces drastically increase the pressure to innovate.

Facilitate with empathy, timebox and stick to it, get tech barriers sorted out early on, trust the process and keep the energy high!

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This post is part of a series concerning ideation. If you want to get a clear picture of what ideation is, the benefits of ideation, when to use it, what are prior steps before ideating, and how to plan an ideation session for future success, check these 3 prior posts 👇🏼

Quick recap: You covered all the elements needed to successfully prepare for your ideation session:

  • Prior market research has been realized ✅
  • A user problem/need and…

The right profiles + the right location or digital playground + the right selection of ideation techniques + a clear agenda + a proper onboarding are essential to successful execution.

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This post is part of a series concerning ideation. If you want to get a clear picture of what ideation is, the benefits of ideation, when to use it, what are prior steps before ideating and how to run a successful ideation session check these 3posts 👇🏼

As discussed in the last post “What happens before an ideation workshop?”, …

Problem exploration, refinement, understanding as well as a proper opportunity framing are essential for successful solution development.

When we look at how innovation is happening in many companies today, we see people have a clear bias towards jumping into “solution-mode” right away. They start with the idea without a proper understanding of the problem. They operate in the solution space without proper exploration of the problem space.

👉🏼 Check my post “Ideas don´t matter, problems do” for further information.

But solution development and ideation unveil their full potential as an innovation process only once you have a problem that is…

Understanding the root cause of why people buy and help them to make progress in their lives using your offerings.

The problem of problem-solving — What is a customer need anyway?

As stated in the post “Ideas don’t matter. Problems do.”, there is a simple equation for commercially successful innovation:

Innovation = Creating viable and feasible SOLUTIONS for unmet customer NEEDS.

But if it’s that simple and there are so many good ideas out there why is it that still 95% of them fail when launched in the marketplace*?

Even though most of the companies claim they are user-centric nowadays, there is just no common understanding and internal alignment of what…

Finde kreative Lösungen für reale Probleme mit crossfunktionalen Teams.

Was ist Ideation?

“Ideation” definiert die Generierung neuer Ideen und Konzepte zur Lösung spezifischer Probleme, entweder Probleme, mit denen Ihre Kunden, Konsumenten oder Klienten konfrontiert sind (und so in Geschäftskonzepten für neue Produkte und Dienstleistungen münden), oder Probleme, die in Ihrer Organisation auftreten (und so zu Verbesserungen der internen Struktur oder Prozesse führen).

Die Nielsen Norman Group definiert Ideation als “the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them.”

Finding creative solutions to real-world problems with cross-functional teams.

What is ideation?

“Ideation” defines the generation of new ideas and concepts to solve specific problems, either problem that your customers, consumers, or clients are facing (thus creating business concepts for new products and services that your organization can provide them with), or problems that your organization is experiencing (thus resulting into improvements in the internal structure or processes).

The Nielsen Norman Group defines ideation as “the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them.”

Learn how to execute an innovation audit to understand how effective your innovation process functions, as-is and which roadblocks and barriers stop you from achieving your innovation goals.

As discussed in the prior post “6 reasons why you should treat innovation as a survival skill in times of crises”, innovation as a capability is essential to be prepared for these uncertain times and capitalize on the new opportunities to come.

The accelerated need for transformational change caused by digitalization and the speed of emerging new technologies, climate change, COVID-19, new startups entering the marketplace, and other external factors are pushing…

I really wanted to write this post as I feel that sometimes innovation vocabulary is either misused (e.g. customer-centricity) or not really understood (e.g. disruption). After some research, I found those 2 excellent sources which cover 100% of my intention. So thanks a million to Board of Innovation and Hives for giving me back some time and illuminating all innovators and people working with innovation teams that are lost in translation 👇🏼

Alles eine Frage des Mindset.

Veränderung. Wir hören es jeden Tag.
Das zunehmende Tempo der Veränderung. Der Kunde hat seine Meinung geändert. Ich stecke fest, ich muss etwas ändern. Unternehmen betreiben “Change Management”.

Aber habt Ihr jemals innegehalten und Euch gefragt, was Veränderung wirklich ist und was sie bewirkt?
Veränderung ist die Unterströmung unserer Evolution. 2020 war und auch das laufenden 2021 sind definitiv Jahre der extremen Veränderung. Die globale Pandemie hat uns gezwungen, uns schnell zu verändern, aber auf eine sehr chaotische Weise. Die unmittelbare Notwendigkeit der Reaktion legte Schwächen in unseren medizinischen Systemen offen. Doch sie löste auch…

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