In business, you should always choose the compass over a map or a navigation system.

When the territory changes you need a true north.

I am sure you are already pretty annoyed with the terms “unpredictable”, “unprecedented disruptions” and “dynamics we have never seen before”, but nowadays it gets pretty clear what really helps to navigate change.

When you check Linkedin, Medium, or other platforms regularly, you will notice that people love tactics. They want shortcuts, tips, and tricks, and a silver bullet that gets them easier from A to B. They want a NAVIGATION SYSTEM, a convenient, lazy option. You don’t necessarily have to understand what’s going on around you and where true north is. Take these steps and trust the system to get from A to B. Don’t care at all about your own way or taking control.

Others are trying to encounter this unstable situation with a MAP. But the map shows you the territory in a stable way and in these days probably a lot has changed since the map was initially written. So trying to explain or shape the future with data from the past seems useless to navigate change.

So when the territory is changing and unexpected things are happening what you really need is a COMPASS. A compass is resilient, it does not care if roads are closed or the road you wanted to take is too bumpy. It always points in the right direction where you want to go. A clear personal or business vision helps to avoid making progress in the wrong direction or jump to unexpected opportunities or threats. It guides you as true north.

So if you want to lead, find your own way and make change happen, you have to understand the territory. Take the compass to stay on track. Make your own choices. Decide what matters and where you want to go. As a professional or as a business. Check my professional constitution here.

If your business needs help to navigate uncertainty, create predictable growth strategies, or winning and sellable products I am happy to help.

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Inspired by the great Seth Godin via Blinkist

About Me

Helping companies with effective strategies and execution for a systematic, user- and growth-centered innovation.

My name is Fabian Roschig and I am a consultant for innovation strategies and innovation management.

My mission is to drive innovation at all levels, based on the individual strengths of each organization, to enable and accelerate sustainable commercial growth. Together we make this happen by setting clear goals, focusing on the right balance between strategy and execution, and using validated, systematic methods and tools that guarantee continuous, measurable results.

For more than 12 years, I have had the privilege to successfully plan, implement or optimize new strategies, products, and services, innovation programs, structures, agile teams as well as processes for a variety of clients and employers such as The Coca-Cola Company, Condor, kicker, Dr. Oetker or TUI. In doing so, I work closely with executive boards, middle management, cross-functional teams, and external service providers.



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Fabian Roschig - Innovation Consultant

Fabian Roschig - Innovation Consultant


Helping companies with effective strategies and execution for a systematic, user- and growth-centered innovation.